Exhibition Hall

Welcome to the Kinia Creative Tech Fest 2021 exhibition. All of the projects entered for the awards are available to view here. There are 3 ways to view projects:

  1. You can enter a VR Gallery and virtually walk around browsing the projects
  2. You can see the projects listed below, find a specific project and teleport to it in the Gallery
  3. View the projects without VR in your browser using the ‘Play’ buttons

Virtual Reality Gallery

Navigating the virtual exhibition hall is easy, simply look at the markers on the ground for a second and you will automatically move to that point. If you look at a video exhibit displayed on the wall it will automatically start playing. When you look away it will pause.

On a desktop, ‘Looking’ means moving your mouse to centre the small grey circle on the markers or the exhibits you want to look at. If you want to regain control of your mouse press ‘Esc’. You can left-click once in the virtual exhibition to resume looking around.

‘Looking’ on an Android smartphone involves rotating the phone around, and up or down using the small grey circle to centre on objects you want to look at.

Note: it looks like you are using Apple iOS. Due to VR limitations on Apple devices the VR world will not work. Please use Chrome or Firefox on a desktop/ laptop or on an Android smart phone.

Award Categories

We have so many entries it is not possible to fit them all into one Virtual Exhibition Hall, so we have divided them up as follows.

Area Award Category

Note: if entering the virtual world please use Chrome or Firefox browsers, on a desktop or Android smart phone, it will not work on IPhone due to iOS specific device restrictions.

Minimum System Requirements for VR Gallery: CPU: Intel Core i3 or equivalent RAM: 4GB

Recommended Browser for Best Performance: Google Chrome

The VR environment will take time to load at the minimum requirements, please be patient. If your system is slower and having trouble rendering VR, try view the projects through the menus below.


You can also search for specific entries below, broken down by area.


  • Click the Teleport button to jump straight into the Virtual World standing directly in front of that specific exhibit.
  • For Videos click the Play button to watch it directly here in your browser in a pop up window.
  • For Photos click the View button to see it in a pop up window.

The complete list of entries in the STEAM Area are as follows.

Title Category Organisation Created By Description Action

The complete list of entries in the Digital Media Area are as follows.

Title Category Organisation Created By Description Action