The Creative Tech Fest is an annual celebration and exhibition of all the work that young people and educators have carried out in their local TechSpaces throughout the year. Youth organisations and Partner organisations will be there to help young people from across the national TechSpace Network celebrate this year's latest creative technologies in style! The event is produced by Camara Ireland Ltd. and will be held on Friday, 4th November 2016 in The Foundry Venue at Google in Dublin.

Come to the Creative Tech Fest to be inspired. Follow your passion for creative technology, music, science, engineering, art, 3d design, maths and more!

Where & When

This year's event takes place between 11.00am and 4.00pm on Friday, 4th November at Google's digital innovation venue, The Foundry, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 2.

Who We Are

Techspace is a national movement, managed by Camara Ireland that aims to change the lives of young people in Ireland by becoming Ireland’s leading creative technology network for outcome-focused youth development.

What We Do

TechSpace trains educators to facilitate Digital Media, STEAM and Creative Technology activities through youth development principles with young people in a school or youth club. We work with over 60 youth organisations and schools across Ireland. TechSpace educators and young people are supported to be part of the national TechSpace Shared Learning Network where they can avail of annual opportunities, Creative Tech Support and pathways to upskilling in TechSpace.

What's On

Tech Workshops - Sponsored by Sonalake

This year's exciting realm of TechSpace workshops are happening thanks to our many sponsors and partners through out the TechSpace Network.

STEAM Expo - Sponsored by ESB

This years STEAM Expo is going to be bigger and better than ever, virtual reality, holograms, light up robots and much more! We are taking STEAM project submissions for this years CTF, to submit projects get in touch with Matthew.

3D Design Expo - Sponsored by Stryker

This year we are introducing our 3D Design Expo! We will have some 3D printouts to showcase on the day as well as a 3D printer running throughout the day with some industry gurus to explain how it all works!

Digital Media Expo - Sponsored by Inver

This years digital media expo is sponsored by Inver and will feature some really cool projects from across the network and the nation! Be sure to get your projects in to Matthew!

TechSpace As Gaeilge

Opportunitiy for young people from our TechSpace as Gaeilge network to showcase their brand new work along side industry partners in the field of creative bilingual media and maker. If you interested get in touch!

Beidh taispeántas TechSpace as Gaeilge ag tharlú. Beidh deiseanna tionscadail ó gach réimse den TechSpace ar taispeáint ó Maker agus ná Méain. Má tá suim agat cabhraigh le chur ríomhpoist chugainn.

Amaron Beatbox

This year we will have Amaron doing his thing on stage, Amaron is the 2015 Irish Beatbox Champion! Bffft Chish Bffft Chish.... I guess it doesn't work through text, you will just have to wait until Nov 4th!

DIT Horn Group

The DIT horn group can be heard practicing every Saturday morning in the DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama Chatham Row. There are five members of the group Ruairi Clear Keena, Simon Orr, Cecily O'Brien, Louie Byrne and Peadar Kelly. They have played in venues such as the Gleeson Theatre and McCann Hall as well as featuring in DIT’s annual Brass Concerts in St Stephen’s Peppercanister Church.

In 2015, the horn group were invited to perform in the National Concert Hall’s John Field Room as part of the Feis Ceoil’s “Young Platform Series” after winning the Junior Brass Ensemble Cup. In the summer of 2015 the group performed before hundreds of people at the summer jamboree “Fair in the Square" in Belgrave Square.


Experience Radical Empathy when Narrative 4 spins a Storytelling Workshop!

Stories are power. Cave painters knew it. We know it. Stories are the way we embrace our deep-seated need to make sense of our lives and the lives of others. This workshop will introduce you to the power of storytelling and to Narrative 4. Narrative 4 is a global not-for-profit organisation that fosters empathy by breaking down barriers and shattering stereotypes through the exchange of stories across the world. N4 was established in 2012 by an unprecedented number of literary minds and social advocates (including founders Colum McCann, Sting, Ishmael Beah, Terry Tempest Williams, Salman Rushdie, Gabriel Byrne) who began with the belief that the world can be transformed through stories. If you step into my shoes, I will step into yours. You can visit their website here!
You can visit their website here!

DesignerDojo 3D Design & Printing Workshop

DesignerDojo facilitates learning for kids around 3D modelling, 3D printing and Virtual Environments. It is non-profit and volunteer-led. We attract expert & non-expert mentors to participate in a fun learning environment, encouraging collaboration between kids along with adult mentorship. We work with any kind of opensource / free software such as Minecraft (Educational Version), SketchUp, Blender, Tinkercad. We also do things like 3D Printing and Scanning, Game Design and modding, Animation and Video. Resources are available on www.designerdojo.ie This workshop will demonstrate and discuss the principles of 3D printing: where to source models, how to create new ones, how models are sent to the printer and how the printer works. Models will be chosen and downloaded by the participants, then customised prior to manufacturing with our 3D printer.

MU Makers

The Maynooth University Makers club will run an MIT App Inventor workshop. Starting with the most basic functionality, you will be able to make your own Android apps, or modify the ones we’ve prepare for the workshop. Following a series of beginner tutorials, you can get your phone to talk to you, create and app to measure things, and create a little game to guess a number. You are also welcome to work on your own project, with the guidance of our mentors! All you will need is a laptop, and Android phone or tablet, and a Gmail account to log in to the system.

Foróige SoundSurfers

Foróige SoundSurfers will sound out a Music Technology Workshop

Google CS with Google Education

Google Education will deliver a Computer Science Workshop called Mind the Gap

Robot Building with Roboslam

The RoboSlam workshop draws from RoboSumo, a highly successful semester-long module for first year undergraduate engineering students at DIT. The original module has been running for 10 years - RoboSlam is an attempt to distill that experience in to a short workshop. In the RoboSlam workshop, you will get a chance to assemble and program your own autonomous robot. Even better, you get to take the finished robot home with you for further experimentation! The "brain" of each RoboSlam robot is an Arduino Nano development board. It can be programmed using the Arduino IDE. In the two hours of the workshop we wont have time to do programme the robots - so they are pre-programmed, but you will build the robot from a kit of electronic parts and you are encouraged to have a go at the programming yourselves when you get home.
Check out their website here!

Memory Game and LED Torch Building

Makeshop will facilitate a Memory Game and an LED torch Workshop

Props Making with The Props Factory

This workshop is an introduction into puppets and what can be done with a small budget and with everyday objects. At the end of the work shop students will have learned how to; Cut out profiles Assemble paper puppets Design a character Problem solve in making.

We are two kids who grew up wanting to make monsters and weird things. Working in glamourous muck and freezing cold for many years on sets like Vikings, Cartoon shows and Game of Thrones, we soon grew to love getting up at 5am and falling asleep over takeaways……..we’ve worked in theatre and lots of other really cool things too. Having been lucky enough to have learned from generations of prop makers and sculptors over our ten years in the industry, we now have a wealth of knowledge that you can’t get from book learnin’. We believe in strong design, proper planning and sharing knowledge and experience with people who have a passion for effects.

Facebook page here!

TechSpace Documentary Crew

Join TechSpace Media Mentors in creating a documentary video on the day of all things Creative Tech Fest! to check out samples of videos from the year before visit our YouTube Channel. The nature of this workshop means you may need to film longer than the workshop time to capture images of fellow TechSpacers at the exhibition area and in the auditorium.

Google Expedition with Google Education

Google Expedition will host a Virtual Reality taster Workshop.
Check out their website here!

Guest Speakers

We have announced this years guest speaker, check them out below!

Tanya Rosen - Game of Thrones

Crowd 2nd Assistant Director - Game of Thrones

From Connemara in Co. Galway, Tanya is an Assistant Director/Crowd 2nd for film and television who has worked on numerous small scale and larger productions across Ireland and Northern Ireland. Since starting her career in Galway at 17 she has become the youngest Head of Department ever of the Emmy award winning series Game of Thrones at the age of 23 and has cast and coordinated thousands of extras during her time on the show as well as countless more across other productions such as The Fall, Halo, The Frankenstein Chronicles, Dawn, Jack Taylor and many more.

Harry McCann - Entrepreneur

One of 20 under 20: Ireland's most inspirational rising starts

I am an seventeen-year-old entrepreneur from Kildare in Ireland. In 2013 when I was just fifteen years old I founded my first business, Kid Tech. Over the space of sixteen months I went on to teach over eight hundred kids to code all around Ireland, and also received the support and backing of Blackberry, Irish entrepreneur, Norah Casey, and British Actor Stephen Fry. Then in May of 2014 I went on to found the first Digital Youth Council in the World, which I am currently Director of and since 2013 have been working ever since with government and industry to make sure young people are influencing the future of the STEM sector in Ireland and Europe. The Digital Youth Council model has gone on to be replicated in other countries such as the UK. I have spent the last two years working on several startup ideas and taking on advisory/board roles in the Irish government, and some of the biggest multinational businesses in the World. My work has given me the opportunity to go and speak at over thirty conferences, events and summits in both Ireland and abroad. My most recent business venture is Trendsterpress.com which I founded in January 2016, and it is currently my main focus along with my role as Director of the Digital Youth Council. You can visit Harry's website here!


This years agenda is now live, check it out below!


Take a Look Back at 2016!

The Creative Tech Fest has grown since our first beginnings in 2013 at the Lighthouse Cinema. We moved to The Foundry in 2014, we then moved to the CHQ Building in 2015, followed by a return to The Foundry in 2016!
Thank you to Google for having us back again and a massive thank you to all of our partners and supporters for their dedicated support of the TechSpace Network and helping us to give educators and young people opportunities to be inspired to create, invent and make using the coolest tech tools!

TechSpace to me is.....